Friday, March 12, 2010

Will nail polish kill scabies?

my girlfriend had scabies but she got rid of them using cream but my family isn't all that rich and we cant really afford a trip to the doctors and i had heard that nail polish kills chiggers but i wasn't sure if it killed scabies so i need to know if it is true and nail polished killed scabies

Will nail polish kill scabies?
Don't use nail polish for scabies. Chiggers primarily stay to one spot but Scabies can be present all over. The whole body needs to be treated and also the bedding that you use. Re-infestation is likely if you do not use the creams and clean the bedding.

If you put nail polish all over your body, you would die. your skin needs to breathe, in a limited area... it is fine but if more than 50 percent of your pores are blocked it will kill you.
Reply:No i havent heard of that. my granddaughter caught scabies a while ago and the cream can be expensive. you will need to get to a doctor or it will spread
Reply:no you will have to go to the dr or hospital and get a prescription for ovide or permethrin and please follow the instructions carefully. either of those will get rid of them.
Reply:If your family doesn't have much money, maybe you could go to a clinic. I wouldn't treat scabies with a home remedy. Does your family know you have it? Maybe they can find some money somewhere to get the problem fixed. Good luck.
Reply:I'm not sure if it kills them or not... but scabies are so small you won't be able to cover all the spots with nail polish because you can't see them. You really should go see a doctor they will give you stuff called Elimite you apply it from the chin down. With scabies you need to make sure that you wash your bed sheets daily, make sure you wash your clohtes good. They can live for a few days off the body.
Reply:the cream is called kwell... if your girlfriend went to the doctor for it then maybe just call the doctor and he can call in a prescription instead of having to be seen..have your girlfriend call her doctor and tell them the situation...
Reply:no dont be silly if you have scabies its very infectious . you must get treatment from the doctor or buy the same lotion that your girlfriend bought from a chemist directly.

all bedding has to be washed and towels all clothing needs to be changed and washed aswell.

if you dont do this and you have scabies then your girlfriend will simply keep catching them off you , by touch and sleeping together .

if your not sure wether you have them or not go into a chemist , show them the rash and ask.

scabies is a litle mite that you cant see that buurries under the skin. it causes really bad itching,usually between fingers ,creases of elbows, back of knees etc and gets worse.

there is no other way to get rid ,all the family usually has to be treated to prevent reinfection

treatment is just a loton or cream that you have to apply over the whole body from the neck downwards
Reply:omg, i heard that scabies is horrible.. no nail polish wont work, you HAVE to get the cream. maybe you doctor will prescribe the generic..

go to an urgent care or something that is more affordable too..
Reply:Yes nail polish will work for scabies too
Reply:I suggest you look it up on the interenet for more details. :) Good luck!!!
Reply:Chiggers and Scabies are completely different and you need prescription strength meds to kill them. OTC are not strong enough. They spread really fast so you need to seek medical attention asap! If you don't you will just pass them back and forth between you both. Not to mention your families. Good Luck. try calling your health department in your city,alot of times they will see you a give meds very cheap if you qualify!


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