Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why do Polish men have square heads?

Ok, first let me start by saying that I live in poland and have NOTHING against polish people AND this does NOT apply to everyone here, just enough to make it a valid question - i've been noticing something very odd about polish men a) many have very big rectangular foreheads - and tops of heads. b) the top part of their heads is actually much bigger than the bottom, giving them a "brainiac" effect, visually speaking. c) the back of their heads is often flat too! one of my friends said this might be caused by lying in a crib (pram) on their backs, without proper padding, when they were infants... but this still doesn't explain the wide-screen forehead phonomenon. thanks, and again, i don't mean to offend anyone.

Why do Polish men have square heads?
It must be genetic, these eastern European races don't integrate with other nationalities as much as Northern, Western and Southern Europeans because until recently they were behind the iron curtain, so if there is any traits you are more likely to see them in Eastern Europeans because they are less of a mixed race. The women must have rectangular foreheads too, you are most properly right, but I am sure not everyone in Poland has this genetic makeup.
Reply:and for the person who posted that last entry - you're mostly talking about personality traits. i mean we CAN discuss this - most of my polish girlfriends agree that polish men are some of the most macho and emotionally-stunted they have ever seen - and as a whole completely lacking in any wit Report It

Reply:It comes from them slamming them on their desks when they see questions like this.

(besides I thought the term square head referred to Swedes working in the lumbering industry in Michigan)
Reply:I can't say I have noticed this......
Reply:Ok first let me start by saying that I live in england and have nothing against english people and does not apply to everyone here, just enough to make this a valid rhetorical question.

I have been noting that English men have in general spaghetti string penises, large bellies, and in general can only pull pig ugly women, who they impregnate and leave.

They can't handle the responsibility of bringing up a child and cause the phenomenen of one parent families and cause a drain on society. They cause a burden on the overall benefit system as a whole.

In addition, they seem to curdle like babies when confronted. Whilst I know that they eat a lot of pies, this doesn't explain their overall lack of charm, relatively low level of intelligence and low levels of wit the english nation has as a whole. Neither does it explain why english men make incredibly bad lovers. Can anybody explain this?

Thanks and again I don't mean to offend anyone, after all its only a laugh!!!!!!
Reply:why do chinese have slanted eyes?

why do asians have darker skins?

all these questions dont have answers..its just in their genes and thats the only explanation i can think of..
Reply:ive never noticed this but we get a lot of polish customers in the shop where I work so I sure as hell will be looking........
Reply:LOL!!! That is the funniest thing i've read for ages
Reply:to hold their square pollock brains!
Reply:Yeah, i've noticed that too. They seem to have a big square head that rises towards the back and they also seem to have flat faces. I knew a guy at school with a Polish background (Andrew Bielinski) %26amp; he matched this description.
Reply:Do they ?
Reply:to distract the general public from their stupidity.
Reply:Damn! It's true. I'm in Krakow, Poland just now on business and I noticed this first thing! I don't know if I'd describe the shape as square but there seems to be a common trait among the men here. Some of the women as well! But the women, man the women. The guys though, they seem to have big broad foreheads, and a big flat spot on the backs of their heads. They kind of look a 52 inch Magnavox. Just my input and no offence intended here either. Interesting question!


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